Bellin Run 2014 kick-off event

Bellin Run 2014
Bellin Run 2014

GREEN BAY - Maybe you need something to take your mind off of the wintry weather? How about getting geared up for the Bellin Run?

A kick-off event for the 10K was held Wednesday night with a very inspirational message.

This year, the Bellin Run is celebrating 38 years.

Wednesday night, hundreds of local running enthusiasts gathered for the kick-off to the upcoming event at "The Bellin Run Night of Inspiration." It recognized groups who take part in the race.

One of them is myTeam Triumph, a mentoring program for people with disabilities.

"When new people become part of myTeam Triumph, they find a new purpose in life. A purpose to help others," says Tim Felmer the president of myTeam Triumph.

The executive director of the Bellin Run also recognizes what myTeam Triumph does for others.

"When I think about myTeam Triumph, I think about what people do for other people, and that's what it's about. It's not what you can do for yourself, but its what you can help someone else do," said Randy Van Straten.

Every year, the race seems to grow, and organizers hope this year is no exception.

"This is truly a community event, bringing all these things together to promote health and fitness in our community. And the purpose of the race is health and fitness," says Van Straten.

The Bellin Run takes place each year on the second Saturday of June. This year, that's June 14.