Beating the winter blues

Boy playing at Monkey Joe's on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014.
Boy playing at Monkey Joe's on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014.

GRAND CHUTE - The cold weather is tough on most businesses, but not necessarily for those that offer ways to warm up.

FOX 11 visited some places where business was booming because of the cold.

Lines for tickets were long and so were the lines for popcorn at the Marcus Hollywood Cinema in Grand Chute. The movie of choice? Disney's "Frozen," of course.

"'Frozen' is perfect! You know, they can stay outside and be frozen or sit inside, be warm and enjoy a movie," said general manager Peggy Keil.

She told us a lot of families took advantage of the day off from school to snuggle in for a film.

"The theaters are very warm, compared to outside it's very warm, it's like tropical weather!" exclaimed Keil, laughing.

Others were looking for a liquid, caffeinated warm up.

"Most people come to the register and their hands are so cold they can barely move. We get the change for them out of their hands," said Kaylee Kalajainen, an employee at Copper Rock Coffee Company in Downtown Appleton.

She told us the morning was slow, but picked up rapidly around lunch time.

"People get cooped up in their house or office so they come down here. As you can see and here it's pretty full," said Kalajainen.

With school canceled parents were looking for ways to keep their little ones warn and active. So Monkey Joe's had a pretty busy Tuesday.

"We'd gotten a lot of phone calls this morning asking to make sure we're open to bring their kids to play," said manager Constance Sixt.

The bouncy, indoor playground was full of children running off steam from being cooped up inside - many for a second day.

"They get a lot of exercise. Usually by the time they're done the littler ones, they are exhausted and falling asleep as they go out the door," said Sixt.

Keil told us, no matter what they did Tuesday, a lot of people just wanted to get their minds off the weather.

"People are very sick of it. They're tired of it. It's only January and it's very tough for everybody," said Keil.

If there's any encouraging news, it may be that the average low temperature starts warming up Sunday.