Be my Valentine

Red roses are a top seller on Valentine's Day.
Red roses are a top seller on Valentine's Day.

Students in Mrs. Ehrfurth's first grade class, at Pioneer Elementary, are celebrating Valentine's Day with candy, cupcakes and cards.

"I like Valentine's Day because I get candy and cards," said Amber Lutz.

Brady Harris is giving away paper airplanes.

"It's because I think everybody would like them," said Harris.

As we get older, the celebration of  Valentine's Day continues. Some people shower that special someone with gifts.

"It's out of love. It's the loving holiday I guess and just do something nice," said Oscar Schuyler.

Schuyler wouldn't tell us how much he's spending on his girlfriend but he did say price doesn't matter.

"She deserves the best," Schuyler said.

But not everyone likes Valentine's Day.

A survey by the Associated Press and WE tv found 17 percent of adults in committed relationships say they aren't celebrating or don't want a gift this Valentine's Day.

"I think it's an unnecessary holiday. I think it's for the candy companies really. I'm all ready for tomorrow...getting my candy on sale," said Lilly Jusufi.

Even though some people aren't celebrating, it's a big day for Parmentier's Floral.

"It's hectic, it's fast paced and a lot of hours involved. But it's a day we need all for a seasonal type business," said Jim Parmentier, flower shop owner.

On Friday, extra was brought in to help things run smoothly.

"To see it come about and go without many hitches, normally, is kind of a satisfactory thing for me," Parmentier said.

As for Parmentier's the rest of the flowers are packed up and taken away. Four hundred deliveries will end up in the homes and hearts loved ones.