Base ball team to play at Old World Wisconsin

File photo (MGN Online/Softball World)
File photo (MGN Online/Softball World)
MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Old World Wisconsin's vintage base ball team will play its last game of the season at the historical site outside Eagle, not in Greenbush.

The Eagle Diamonds are slated to finish their season on Sept. 13 against the Chicago Salmon. Old World Wisconsin's website originally said the game would be played at Wade House, a historical 1860s stagecoach inn in Greenbush.

Old World Wisconsin officials say that listing was a mistake; the team has always been scheduled to play at the Ward School Field at Old World Wisconsin on Sept. 13.

The Diamonds play 1860s base ball, the precursor to modern baseball. The players don't use gloves and dress in wool uniforms.