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      Back to School store gives students fresh start

      GREEN BAY - It's time for back to school, which means it's time for backpacks and freshly sharpened pencils.But for some, like second-grader Zane Chervenka, brand new items can be hard to afford."It can get difficult," said his mom, Jennie Chervenka. The Service League of Green Bay helped 1500 elementary students like Zane with clothes and supplies with its Back to School store."This definitely helps ease the budget and put things other places where we can put the money towards," his mom said.FOX 11's Kelly Schlicht shopped along with Zane at East High School Wednesday as he found a new outfit.He also picked out a bright red backpack full of school supplies."I have pens and I have a light up marker, and two glue sticks and some pencils and this special pencil," Zane said, showing off his new items.The Back to School Store doesn't just give kids new colored pencils or highlighters. It also gives them self-confidence as they head back to class."Kids in general feel better when they come on the first day of school and they have everything they need. It builds their confidence; it makes them feel better about it," said Kim Reynebeau, a teacher who volunteered with the store. Zane was walking a little taller in his new Nikes."I got new clothes and I'm wearing my new shoes and socks," he said, beaming proudly."He's so excited, he couldn't wait to show off his new shoes he got," said his mom.His mom couldn't help but smile, knowing her son is set for a great new school year."Because I'm excited to go to school!" he exclaimed.Before they could participate, families had to have their eligibility confirmed by various charitable organizations.