"Baby Theresa" death remains a mystery

Baby Theresa gravestone
Baby Theresa gravestone

TOWN OF THERESA-A grim anniversary for a Dodge County community.

It's been five years since the body of a baby girl was found in a bag in the Town of Theresa.

Authorities were not able to identify the child, so they named her "Baby Theresa". Residents helped pay for a funeral for the child.

Dodge County Sheriff's Detective Vickie Brugger continues to investigate the case. Brugger says despite sketches and extensive DNA testing, authorities have yet to find the girl's parents.

"I'm pretty confident that no one who lives in the immediate area was related to that child," said Brugger.

The Dodge County Medical Examiner believes the infant was stillborn and not killed.

"I truly believe there's someone out there that knows the mother. and they need to know that it's okay to come forward," said Brugger. "The mother is not going to prison for homicide by any means, and it really would mean a lot to the community, bring some closure to this case.  Let's find out who mom is."

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office does say a "Jane Doe" warrant has been issued for whoever hid the corpse.