Art exhibit showcases female veteran stories

An art exhibit at the Neville Museum features prints that tell female veterans' stories.
An art exhibit at the Neville Museum features prints that tell female veterans' stories.

GREEN BAY- America's female veterans got some recognition Tuesday night at Brown County's Neville Public Museum. Women gathered to discuss their time in service as an exhibition of prints showcases their military tales.

Twenty prints line this hallway: Each one, as unique as the woman captured in it.

“It acted more of closing the door to the Marine Corps. I was able to have my print and my story put in a frame,” said former Marine Tegan Griffith.

Griffith saw her print hanging on display at the Neville Museum for the first time Tuesday.

University of Wisconsin-Madison art grad Yvette Pino recruited her for the project.

“I am an army veteran and I am an artist and I returned to art school and found there was a disconnect between me and my student body,” said Pino.

Pino brought veterans from all eras and Wisconsin artists together for the Veterans Print Project: Part creativity, part release.

“They're able to express something that maybe they're not able to express to their family and the result is a piece of artwork that can become a discussion point,” said Pino.

“I took a leap and decided to tell my story,” said Griffith.

The collection debuted in Madison in 2011. Pino hopes to include more veterans, male and female, as the project continues.

“It’s experiences on a visceral level that need to be shared and exchanged and for veterans in general keeping that in isn't healthy and whenever they're ready veterans will come forward and tell their story.

“It was a great experience to get to know them and to learn that I'm not alone and to know that there are women veterans in Wisconsin,” said Griffith.

As she browses through the frames, Griffith sees the images of her friends' experiences, tied together forever by a bond more permanent than ink.

The “Not at Ease" Veterans Print Project will be on display through June 1.