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      Area school celebrates national award

      SUAMICO - Students, teachers and staff came together not only to celebrate an award, but to highlight some of the things they've learned throughout the year.During Friday's assembly the school principal showed a video highlighting his trip to Washington, D.C.In November, the school was awarded the National Blue Ribbon by the U.S. Department of Education."It was three days worth of ceremony and kind of workshop as a way to meet other Blue Ribbon Schools throughout the nation," said Ryan Welnetz, school principal.Students also had a chance to show off. They highlighted the importance of physical education by jump roping on stage. Others showed off a more artsy side.The school says it's not just about learning inside the classroom."They become excellent through learning through music, learning through movement, learning though artistic skills, learning through reading. So yes we're going to teach them and yes we're going to accentuate the pieces of them that are also important," Welnetz said.The school falls into the top 15 percent in the state's reading and math assessments."I think it's just exciting for everyone and it means a big accomplishment and we're ready to take another step to make it even better," said Brooklyn Rau, student.Suamico is the only elementary school in Northeast Wisconsin that received the 2013 excellence award.For the students, such a high academic honor is something they can always be proud of.