Area dealers prepare for GM recall repairs

Area dealers prepare for GM recall repairs
Area dealers prepare for GM recall repairs

TWO RIVERS - General Motors vehicle owners in Northeast Wisconsin are already making arrangements to have their car looked at.

For the past few days, Krajnik Chevrolet in Two Rivers has been hearing from concerned GM owners.

“Many a day and we've started a list, especially of our regular customers that when we start getting parts in we'll be calling those people in,” said Paul Krajnik.

GM has been sending out letters notifying people who have a vehicle involved in the recall. 2.6 million vehicles have been recalled for faulty ignition switches. The ignition switches are blamed for at least 13 deaths.

“But if you're concerned, you can always take your vehicle identification number to a dealership and they can investigate that for you and let you know,” said Krajnik.

GM says the recalled vehicles can still be driven. However, the ignition key should be used by itself, without any other keys or key chains attached.

“Because anything hanging on it can make it worse, because that's what will happen,” said Krajnik. “It'll be swinging or whatever and can make the ignition turn off and that's what creates the problem. It shuts the car off.”

Krajnik says this issue could linger for years, particularly because second and third hand owners might not know right away if their vehicle is part of the recall.

“People that are the second or third owner, they wouldn't necessarily know where the original dealer is, so they can go to any dealer,” said Krajnik.

Krajnik and other area dealers expect to receive the parts to start making repairs sometime this month.

If you are uncomfortable driving your vehicle before repairs can be made, GM is offering people free rental cars to drive.