APD identifies officers in shooting

APD identifies officers in shooting
APD identifies officers in shooting

APPLETON - The sister of the man shot by Appleton police Thursday night tells FOX 11 her brother is expected to survive.

Autumn Jacobs said her brother Adam Jacobs was shot twice in the left arm. She said he also was shot in the leg and foot.

Appleton police have not confirmed the name of the suspect. But Police Chief Pete Helein identified Sgt. Greg Pieper and Officer Brandon Edwards as the officers involved in the shooting.

[caption id="attachment_23315" align="alignleft" width="300"] Police at the scene where officers shot a shoplifting suspect in Appleton, April 10, 2014. (WLUK photo)[/caption]

Around 7 p.m. Thursday, Helein says officers were responding to a shoplifting complaint at the BP gas station on S. Oneida Street.

Autumn Jacobs says her brother was shoplifting from the gas station. She told FOX 11 he made several trips into the store before someone called police.

When officers arrived, they found Jacobs on the 1300 block of S. Monroe St. They say Jacobs pulled out a gun.

Autumn Jacobs says the gun is a "BB gun" but Appleton police would not confirm what type of gun Jacobs had.

[caption id="attachment_23582" align="alignright" width="300"] A gun pulled out by a suspected shoplifter who was later shot by police in Appleton, April 10, 2014. (Photo courtesy Appleton Police Dept.)[/caption]

Helein says officers told Jacobs to drop the gun, but he did not. That's when police shot him.

Autumn Jacobs says her brother is recovering at St. Elizabeth Hospital. She says her brother has a history of mental disabilities and that he was carrying a "BB gun."

She told FOX 11 she believes her brother may have wanted to commit suicide.

She says her brother was depressed and was "acting strange" yesterday before the incident.

The Green Bay Police Dept. has been called in to investigate the shooting.

Helein said Pieper and Edwards are on paid administrative leave during the investigation. Helein says that is standard department policy during an officer involved shooting.