Appleton police officer honored

Appleton police officer honored
Appleton police officer honored

APPLETON - An Appleton police officer was honored Thursday.

Daniel Weiske was recognized for his support of the National Guard and Reserve by balancing the schedule demands of Appleton officers with the department, who also serve part-time in the military.

That's seven officers right now. In the past, 20 other police officers have also been in the military.

Weiske, who served in the Air Force before joining the Appleton force 19 years ago, says it's about respecting and honoring those who serve.

"Everyone here at the city, whether they're military service member or prior history or not, understands the importance of what they're doing for our county,” said Lt. Daniel Weiske, Appleton Police Department.

Fellow officer Tonia Elsrod, who is a member of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, nominated Weiske. She says he does everything he can to ensure she and other service members have the best chance to balance police work, military duties and family.