Appleton police launch smartphone app


APPLETON - Connecting with the police? There's now an app for that. In Appleton, anyway, where Police believe they're the first in the state to have their own smart phone application.

In Appleton, for the past couple of weeks you've been able to apply to volunteer at the police department, submit a report to the department and check out open cases with a few clicks of a smart phone. It's because the department is trying to be on technology's cutting edge and at your fingertips.

"In the midwest there's not many agencies now that have this technology available," said Sergeant David Lund, the technology that's now available is a mobile app offering twelve options for users.

Lund told FOX 11 his department was first contacted last year by app creator Cloud Space Mobile..

"To create that excitement about the pd, coming to it, looking at press releases, looking at our wanted information, being able to go to our directory," Lund explained.

Although what you can do is basically the same as from a desktop or laptop computer, Lund told us he sees the app as improving how the department gets information out to people and he hopes information will also come back to them.

"We want to create as many venues as possible and avenues for people to contact us," Lund said.

Other area agencies are beginning to turn to social media as well.

The Town of Menasha Police Department doesn't just put out serious information. For example they make fun picture posts on sites like Twitter and Facebook with topics like "Flashback Friday" or "Mystery Monday."

"Really draws a lot of interest with that, people like that. They like these different things," Officer Jason Weber told FOX 11, which he told us, keeps citizens more involved when help is needed for something serious.

"Looking for the identity of a person involved in a crime or some other crime prevention tips, we have those people that are already engaged," Weber explained.

Back in Appleton, Lund told us it's all about keeping up with the times.

"That mobility adds challenges for us to reach out to people, make those contacts," Lund said.

Lund is quick to caution, while users can submit reports through the Appleton Police's new app, the reports are not monitored 24 hours a day. Emergency situations and situations requiring immediate responses should be reported by calling 911.

The free app is available in both the iTunes and Google Play app stores.