Appleton parade and ceremony pay tribute to veterans

Appleton held a parade and ceremony to honors veterans Monday.
Appleton held a parade and ceremony to honors veterans Monday.

APPLETON - Monday was a day to remember veterans who have died serving their country.

Somber ceremonies and fun-filled parades took place all around Northeast Wisconsin.

"It's not the parties, it's not the picnics, it's the flag," said An Gehrmann of Appleton.

While people celebrate Memorial Day in different ways, most everyone takes time to remember those who sacrificed for our freedom.

"We respect the fallen, but we honor the living who have served," said U.S. Army Veteran Thomas Gambsky.

In Appleton Monday many did that by turning out for a parade.

Complete with bands and of course, the brave men and women being honored for their service.

"Just to pay tribute to family members who have sacrificed their time, family time and their lives. It's a lot to give up and offer for what little recognition they may get," said Chris Malnar of Appleton.

"That's what this is for today, honor the fallen," said Gambsky.

At the memorial service "We pray this day for all the brave and courageous soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who have made the ultimate sacrifice," said American Legion Post 38 Chaplain Bob Johnson.

"Honor the ones that served, no matter where they served or how they served," said Gambsky.

"It shouldn't be just one day a year but it is important that we make this big of a fuss," said Gehrmann.

Taking time to salute those who have and continue to protect our country and our freedoms.

"Exactly what we should all be doing, I'm very proud to be an American, yes, very proud," said Gehrmann.

Today's cemetary service in Appleton featured guest speakers from each of the five high schools in the city.