Anglers bust out the rods and reels for opening day


Anglers can finally trade in their ice fishing gear for rods and reels as the fishing season opened up across the state of Wisconsin. The water may be choppy and the wind howling but that didn't stop people from putting their boats on the water at Shawano Lake on the opening day for fishing...

Jerry Sasman of Wausau was headed out to fish on Lake Michigan when we caught up with him. He said making it out on opening day is a tradition for him. "I fish every opening day weekend you know everything's been closed so it's the first time out, check out all the gear and make sure everything works."

The Lakeview BP sells plenty of fishing gear in addition to gas and snacks. Assistant manager Sandy Wussow said that opening day was a little slow, at least early on. "The water temperatures a little cold so it's going to be a little challenging but I did see a couple boats out there already this morning.

Among those out early were some young anglers. Even if they didn't have a lot of success right away or stay out too long in the morning. The latter being the case for Deisel Hammel of Valders and his siblings. "Maybe 10 minutes, it was cold” Deisel said when asked how long they lasted. He also said they planned to try their luck later in the day when it had warmed up.

Ashley Britton of Cecil loves to fish. She was out on the water with her mom opening day. She didn’t reel any fish in but wasn’t discouraged. “I got a couple of bites earlier, like a little perch or a blue gill I think."

So what makes it worth battling the wind and a chilly morning to be among the first on the lake?

"Catching fish," Erika Hammel said with a smile while Britton added, "I just really like fishing." "I just want to catch like one blue gill that'd be fine."

Catching a fish on opening day is just fine no matter what your age.