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      Aaron Schreiber enters pleas

      Aaron Schreiber
      Aaron Schreiber
      JUNEAU - A man charged with making a series of bomb threats - and then was discovered to be a sex offender refereeing prep sports events - pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect Friday.Aaron Schreiber faces 41 counts in all, including 15 of making a bomb scare and ten of being a child sex offender working with children.No trial date was a set. A psychiatric review was ordered.Schreiber was previously found competent to stand trial; a ruling that pertains to his ability to assist in his own defense. The so-called insanity plea relates to his mental condition at the time of the alleged crimes.A scheduling conference is set for April 17.He allegedly made the threats to various businesses in the Waupun area in November, including calls to a school, a hospital and other businesses. Authorities also say he is a registered sex offender and allegedly violated the sex offender registry, by refereeing school sporting events.Fond du Lac County also filed five charges of being a child sex offender working with children. A preliminary hearing is scheduled April 11 in that case.