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      5 arrested in possible gang-related fights

      GREEN BAY - Investigators in Brown County say it was a birthday party that ended in a gang fight. On Monday night, at least four teens were still in jail.However, some are also claiming the story coming out now is not the whole truth.Four 17-year-olds from Green Bay and a 16-year-old from Suamico were in Brown County court Monday. FOX 11 is not identifying them yet because they have not been formally charged.Captain Jeff Sanborn says February 8, up to 30 people were at a birthday party on Sunridge Court in Howard including members of two rival gangs."It's still an ongoing investigation but it appears it's a few from the Latin Kings and a few from the Gangster Disciples ended up being at this party. A minor dispute took place," said Sanborn.After the first fight one group left and came back with weapons."A baseball bat was used. Knives were used. We're still gathering information," Sanborn said.Tracey Sorenson says her 18-year-old son Dillon Winnekens was one of the injured -- being hospitalized after being hit in the back of the head."He had swollen and bruised shoulder and then 11 staples to the back of his head. He's still recovering. He still has quite a bit of pain and discomfort," said Sorenson.Sorenson also claimed her son is not involved in a gang."It's being blown up into some big gang in the Howard area and that's not true. It happened in a nice neighborhood and it just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," Sorenson said.However, Sanborn says investigators believe both victims have gang connections but that information has not been confirmed.Sanborn also indicated more arrests are possible. Prosecutors expect to final formal charges Wednesday.