42nd Annual Pow-Wow in Oneida

pow wow
pow wow

Oneida - It isn't just about fireworks this fourth of July. But also dancing and singing at a tradition in Oneida.

The 42nd annual Oneida Pow-Wow was filled with Native American music, food and dancing.

More than five thousand people made it to the event at the Norbert Hill Center.

Organizers say they want to share their culture with others in the community.

"It's a big social, cultural gathering for our tribal people and we enjoy the dance. We want to share our culture with other people and the community," says Lloyd Powless, Pow-Wow Committee Chairman.

This year's Pow-wow which runs through Sunday. is dedicated to the memory of Purcey Powless who was the Oneida's longest serving tribal chair -- 23 years. He died four years ago.

Members of at least 50 tribes from across the state are at the pow-wow.