34-foot snowman towers over Wabeno

A man, his family and his coworkers built this 34-foot tall snow man in Wabeno, WI.
A man, his family and his coworkers built this 34-foot tall snow man in Wabeno, WI.

WABENO - You can see it as you travel on Highway 32, all 34 feet of its snowy glory rising high.

“I have never seen a snowman this big. This is pretty impressive,” said passerby Donna Filter.

"It's a foot taller than last year,” said creator Jim Smith.

Meet Olaf the snowman: The creation of Jim Smith, his kids, and his crew at Smith Concrete in Wabeno.

“It was a lengthy process this year, because we were waiting for the crane. But it took about a total of eight hours,” said Smith.

Sculpted with backhoes and brawn, the behemoth took shape throughout February.

"Don't have much else to do up here,” Smith offered as a simple explanation.

His triple-decker layers adorned with tires for his hat and eyes, an orange cone instead of a carrot for a nose.

And for Olaf’s pipe and scarf?

“Just a two-by-four with a piece of sono tube stuck on it. Just sort of cobbled together,” Smith explained the pipe’s construction.

“It's just a tarp bought that at a local hardware store. Cut that into strips and tied it around,” he said about the scarf.

To give you an idea just how large Olaf the Snowman is, FOX 11’s Kelly Schlicht is around 5 foot 6. When she stood next to Olaf, she didn't even come up halfway to the first layer.

The big guy has started to draw crowds, including this couple who drove hours to catch a glimpse.

“You came up here all the way from Wisconsin Rapids to see this?” asked Schlicht asked Donna Filter and her husband.

“Yes!” Donna said, excitedly. ”Because we couldn't believe it would be this big. So we thought we would see it for ourselves.”

Folks have wagers on how long Olaf will stick around.

“Probably July, August?” said Filter.

But his makers guess he'll melt by May.