10 people could face charges or citations in Preble fight

Green Bay Preble High School
Green Bay Preble High School

GREEN BAY - More teenagers could be in trouble for a series of fights earlier this month at Green Bay Preble High School.

Green Bay police say some of those teens are involved in gangs.

One teen has already been through court and authorities say nine more could be cited or charged.

Green Bay police tell FOX 11 some of these teens could be charged with felonies.

Lt. Chad Ramos says charges will be referred for one more adult and four juveniles. He says four other juveniles received citations.

[caption id="attachment_9079" align="alignleft" width="300"] Davion Austin (Brown Co. Jail)[/caption]

The criminal complaint highlights what happened, but some details including names aren't shared because juveniles are involved.

So far, 17-year-old Davion Austin is the only person who has been charged in the fights that took place at Preble High School on Thursday, February 6.

“He was seen kicking one of the victims in the head,” said Assistant District Attorney Kristen Bohnert.

According to the criminal complaint, a resource officer at Preble said during the school day there were several fights that Thursday. The officer also said he was made aware of a possible fight after school and asked for other officers to join him at Preble.

Witnesses say when classes were done, more fights broke out. One of them was minutes after the bell rang, right in front of the school's main entrance. Police say dozens of students were in the area, running in every direction.

One witness says she saw Austin come up behind one victim and punch him in the face. She said other teens joined in. The witness told authorities the teens started kicking the victim in the head when he was on the ground. She said people came to the victim's defense, leading to more punching and kicking.

Witnesses told police another fight broke out shortly after, down the street from Preble, near Danz Avenue and Deer Trail. One witness claimed the teens were talking about B.K.U., which the witness knows as a gang.

Two witnesses told police 10 to 15 teens approached them, with several punches thrown. One witness's jaw was broken.

A lot remains unclear with the fights, including possible motives, and how many of the teens are actually in a gang.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.