1-on-1 with Freedom coach Clint Kriewaldt


FREEDOM — FOX 11's Doug Ritchay went 1-on-1 with Freedom coach Clint Kriewaldt, whose team travels to Freedom tonight in the GameTime Game of the Week.

Here with Freedom coach Clint Kriewaldt, his team headed to Winneconne in our game of the week. Clint, last week a tough loss at Wrightstown. How much are you looking forward to getting these kids out on the field tonight and getting a W?

CK: We’re excited. We definitely want to see how the kids respond after a loss on the road against a good, quality team. No we get another quality team tonight against Winneconne. It’s going to be very interesting to see how our kids react.

DR: Do you look at them as a measuring stick, at least early in the season?

CK: The think we kind look at, it‘s good for the kids to see, we went there last year and beat them 28-0. They turn around and win the state championship. All it it shows, we lost last week at Wrightstown, does it dictate our season? Does it show the way things are going to go? No. Are we frustrated with our performance? Definitely, but we have a lot of games left. Tonight’s going to be a big one for us.

DR: When the season’s schedule came out this was supposed to be in Freedom tonight, and it’s in Winneconne because your field isn’t ready. Is that an issue, or do you tell the kids it’s football, regardless?

CK: It’s football, regardless. It hasn’t been a secret the field probably wasn’t going to be ready. Whoever we play, we play. We just worry about our opponent and do our job. Things like that are out of our control.