1-on-1 interview with Fond du Lac's Mike Gnewuch

Fond du Lac
Fond du Lac

FOX 11 Prep Sports Expert Doug Ritchay talks to Fond du Lac coach Mike Gnewuch about Friday's GameTime Game of the Week at Appleton North.

DR: Here with Fond du Lac coach Mike Gnewuch, Fond du lac headed to Appleton North for our GameTime Game of the Week; Mike it's Week 1, everybody feels good about themselves. What do you feel best about your team?

MG: The number of seniors we return and we return a lot guys who this will be their third year starting. There's a number of kids who have started two years in the program, so the experience that we bring back is really a positive.

DR: Talk about your first two years, the first year is always a learning curve but last year you made that step in the postseason winning a game. What are you hoping this team can do this year?

MG: Just build on it, just build on it. Just making positive steps in the right direction every single year. And now that they've had two years in the program they know the expectations, know the commitment it takes to be good and I'm just hoping the kids believe they can be successful.

DR: Tonight's game, Appleton North, obviously the schedule didn't do you a favor, but how excited are you to get a team like this so later tonight you know where you stand?

MG: To be honest, the most exciting thing about playing Appleton North is the physicality they bring. I'm hoping it's a physical football game, they took it to us last year and we were a little shell-shocked. We weren't ready. We're hoping we can give them a better game tonight.