Oshkosh Corp. layoffs affect area businesses

Oshkosh Corp.
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OSHKOSH – Hundreds of employees will soon be without work at Oshkosh Corporation and other businesses say their bottom lines are about to suffer.

“It affects every small business that thrives on Oshkosh truck employees and people who make the money and come and spend their money in places like this,” said Matt Vienola, owner of Beachcombers Bar.

With each lay off, fewer and fewer workers are coming to have lunch or a drink after work at the Beachcomber Bar.

“We have a grill, but we probably won’t even have a lunch crowd anymore,” Vienola said.

Vienola says more than half the private parties he books are connected with people at Oshkosh Corporation, “and if they’re not working, they’re not going to come here. It affects us directly.”

The Fox Valley Workforce Development Board says the overall outlook for manufacturing jobs in the area has been positive.

Paul Stelter of the Fox Valley Workforce Development says, “the unemployment rate has been coming down for the past couple of months. And while there is never a good time to be out of a job, I mean clearly the job market is much better today than it was a few years ago.”

Stelter says there is a chance laid off workers won’t be out of a job for long, “It doesn’t make it any easier for the individuals who are being impacted but I know that there are plenty of companies recruiting people today looking for good workers.”

The Fox Valley Workforce Development Board could not give an estimate how many manufacturing jobs were available.
A search of the FOX 11 Job Finder site showed 15 manufacturing jobs in Oshkosh, posted in the past three weeks.

As for the Beachcomber Bar, Vienola says he hopes his customers find work soon, so his job stays a little more secure.

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