Midwest Championship race for radio controlled cars in De Pere

DE PERE – It may be one of the biggest hobbies you have never heard of.

It’s all part of the Midwest Championship race for radio controlled cars.

Drivers came from all over the U-S to attend Saturday’s race.

But these aren’t your typical remote controlled cars.

The track is off road with jumps and high speeds and the cars use high powered fuel engines.

It’s something event organizers say is affordable and family friendly.

“It’s got every bit of competitiveness that all the big NASCAR and all the big racing has, but it’s a little bit cheaper.” said Brandon Rohde, the President of LIVERC.com. “You can still spend a lot of money, but you can get in to it very cheaply if you’d like. It’s a lot safer, there’s kids that are 5 years old up to people that are 70 years old that are racing.”

Just like NASCAR, the races are part of a series with top prize earning money and a trophy.

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