Carter Biese ready to jump to new heights

KAUKAUNA – Just 12-years old, Carter Biese of Appleton is already a motorcross veteran. He’s been racing since he was 5. Next month, as the current national champion, he will be going to Belgium for his first motocross world championships.

20,000 racers nationwide compete in motocross. Carter Biese is one of just nine athletes hand picked by the American Motorcycle Association to represent the U-S at the World Championships. He will be one of three athletes competing in the 65cc class. The other six competitors on the United States team will compete in two other categories. Making the team was Biese’s biggest goal this season.

“It was pretty awesome figuring out that I was one of the three kids in my age group to be able to go race against everybody. It was an honor to be chosen, Carter said.”

Scott Biese, Carter’s father and coach, has seen Carter grow from a last place finish in his first race as a 5-year old, to a national champion, and now to an international competitor. “It’s been amazing. It’s mind boggling, at this age, they’ll take little steps and then all the sudden one day they’ll take a huge step just literally overnight and that’s pretty cool to watch,” Scott said.

A born competitor, Carter would love to win the competition but the trip can be a success without a first place trophy.

“Just keep it fun so you don’t overwhelm yourself when you go over there if you don’t meet your expectation when you go over there,” Biese said.

Carter Biese has risen above the competition through hard work on the track. Scott Biese estimates the family devotes up to 60 hours per week to motocross that includes at least 10 hours where Carter and 10-year old brother Jordan compete with each other in practice.

Jordan isn’t quite to the level of his big brother but enjoys the challenge. “It’s kind of fun because you always know he’s going to be behind you trying to pass you.”I mostly try to stay in front of him because that’s usually my goal,” Jordan said.

His big brother Carter isn’t taking it easy on Jordan. He still gives him his best shot every time out. “It’s fun because I always want to beat him every time we go out there. He always starts ahead of me and I want to get around him right away.” Biese said.

Staying in front of his big brother is no small task, Carter flies 70-feet in the air on jumps, showing no fear as he attacks the track, all while following a simple mantra. “Just have a clear mind and focus on the track,” Carter responded.

That attitude has made him a national champion and could help take him to the top of the worlds.

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