Fans gather to cheer on Team USA

GRAND CHUTE – The USA’s loss to Belgium in Tuesday’s World Cup match was a tough outcome for fans to swallow, but it was a great game to watch.

There were plenty of watch parties throughout the area, including one courtesy of the Timber Rattlers at Fox Cities Stadium.

“I’m a little sad right now. Heartbroken,” said Levi Werlein after the game ended.

The USA’s World Cup match against Belgium was a rollercoaster of emotion for fans.

“I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I thought we had a chance there. It was really tight at the end there, in the 93rd minute and we almost got a goal. Couldn’t quite, but it happens,” said Werlein.

About 200 packed the Fox Club at the Fox Cities Stadium, watching the game inside on the TV’s and outside on the scoreboard.

Many were dressed for the occasion.

“I’m wearing a U.S. jersey with blue shorts and my nice bucket cap. It feels right,” explained Spencer Bard.

Some spectators were long time soccer fans.

“I like it because there aren’t commercials every two minutes and because it’s 45 minutes of straight action for every half,” Bard told FOX 11.

Others were just getting into the sport.

“Ever since the qualifying matches recently. That’s really when I started getting into it,” Werlein explained.

A common theme, with many saying it took the United States’ recent success to pique their interest.

“Yeah, I mean, look at this, even these guys are dressed up and they never, ever get dressed up for soccer,” said Bard, talking about his friends.

“If our team wasn’t in it, I probably wouldn’t watch,” Mitchell Johnson told us.

But after the USA’s hard-fought loss, some were feeling a little defeated.

“I won’t watch anymore soccer,” remarked Johnson, going on to say, “not until the next World Cup.”

Others were a bit more upbeat.

“They played amazing and I’m just proud of our country, proud of our team,” said Werlein.

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