A mock draft of NFL uniforms; which team is No. 1?

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers throws a pass while playing the Indianapolis Colts during the second half of an NFL football game Monday, Oct. 14, 2013, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)
San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers throws a pass while playing the Indianapolis Colts during the second half of an NFL football game Monday, Oct. 14, 2013, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

The NFL Draft is approaching and if you have any interest you have probably read countless mock drafts.

Johnny Manziel will go No. 1 or will it be Jadeveon Clowney? Is Teddy Bridgewater a first-round pick?

Everybody has an opinion and it seems everybody has a mock draft, including yours truly. However, my mock draft has nothing to do with Manziel, Clowney or Bridgewater, although it does have to deal with who or what looks good.

My mock draft is about the uniforms in the NFL. Which team has the best? The best thing about this subject is everyone likely has a different opinion. There is no right answer.

Ted Thompson isn’t needed, and I’m sure if I asked he wouldn’t tell me his No. 1 pick anyway, just my eyes and thoughts, so here is my mock draft of NFL uniforms and what order I would pick:

  1. Chargers: The powder blue uniforms are the best, maybe in any sport. Unlike the NFL Draft there is no argument on the No. 1 pick here.
  2. Seahawks: The Super Bowl champs have to settle for second, but the blue with the neon green looks great.
  3. Bills: Call this the reach of my draft, but when the Bills wear blue tops with white helmets their jersey looks sharp.
  4. Eagles: The green just looks cool and home or away the Eagles look good.
  5. Cardinals: The Cardinal red looks good and the logo on the helmet is classic.
  6. Falcons: I like the black helmets with red tops and white pants. Cool look.
  7. Broncos: I like the orange jersey tops and the blue just complements it well.
  8. 49ers: The red and gold is just a good look and the helmet mixes well.
  9. Cowboys: Hate ‘em if you’d like, but the jerseys look good, home and away.
  10. Lions: Would you know what Honolulu blue looked like if it wasn’t for the Lions? Uniforms are sharp.
  11. Redskins: The Redskins’ best look is white top with gold pants.
  12. Giants: The Giants can go white or blue tops and look great, especially with “NY” on the helmet.
  13. Packers: It’s classic, simple and colorful.
  14. Patriots: A really good look with the blue and silver dominating. Throwbacks are even better.
  15. Saints: When the Saints go black pants and jersey tops with the gold they look as good as they usually play.
  16. Titans: The light and dark blue look good, and they look good home and away.
  17. Steelers: The black, yellow and white scheme is great and the helmet is unique not only in design but that the logo is on just one side.
  18. Ravens: The mainly purple and black look is bold and the logo on the helmet has attitude.
  19. Chiefs: The bold red with white and yellow detail is a nice look. Helmet is classic.
  20. Texans: Might be underrated. I like the way the red complements the blue. Just a good look.
  21. Rams: The uniform is sharp, but the helmet could use a little work.
  22. Panthers: Their white uniforms look best with the powder blue.
  23. Dolphins: Would’ve been higher because the blue looks great, but the new logo on the helmet is weak.
  24. Raiders: Not the most colorful uniforms, but they’re simple and easy to look at.
  25. Colts: Classic look but too much white.
  26. Jets: Classic look but too much white.
  27. Jaguars: New uniforms might be too much and half black and half gold on the helmet is questionable.
  28. Bears: Don’t like the way the colors are used. Or maybe they just look bad because Jay Cutler is the QB.
  29. Bengals: The tiger stripes on the orange helmet don’t work. The less color they wear, the better.
  30. Buccaneers: The new uniforms could be too crazy. Have to wait to see Bucs in action. I didn’t mind the previous look.
  31. Vikings: They’re purple. Anything else?
  32. Browns: What does brown do for you? Not much. How often do wear the color?

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