The answer to when we will warm up

No spring forecast

Our unrelenting cold has many asking when we will see a warm up.  Here are some answers the most common inquires I’ve encountered.

Q.   When can we expect a big warm up or at least a thaw?  The short answer…. we don’t know.  The forecast for the next 14 days calls for temperatures to average below normal.

Q.  Will February be any warmer?  The average temperature in Green Bay warms from 25 to 33 degrees by the end of the month.  The bad news is that the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting below normal temperatures for Wisconsin in February, but this forecast will be updated on Friday January 31st.   Also note that below normal temperatures are an average, we can get a big thaw for a few day and still see average temperatures at below normal levels.

Q.  Can’t you look at past cold winters and see what spring or summer will have in store for us.  Sorry but there is no correlation between having a cold weather and having a specific type of spring or summer weather.  I wish there was a connection; it would make my job so much easier.

Q.  Doesn’t the Climate Prediction Center have a forecast for the different seasons?  Yes they do, the problem is their forecast has no information for spring or summer in Wisconsin.

Q.  Do meteorologist like giving us bad news?  No we don’t, we are as tired of this icy/frosty weather pattern as anyone. Believe me, when we see a warm up-coming it will be a huge news story on FOX 11.

Q. So with all the fancy weather tools and gadget you have you can’t tell us what the spring will be like.  The official start of spring is March 20, over a month and a half from now. Forecasting the weather gets harder the farther out in time you get.  Our 3 day forecasts are generally very accurate, our 7 day forecast is pretty good, but forecasting a thaw 20 or 40 days out is beyond our ability at this time.  Keep watching Fox 11, when a warm up is expected I promise we’ll let you know about it!

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