Union members and supporters protest outside the Wisconsin State Capitol Feb. 24, 2015, as right-to-work legislation was being discussed inside the building.

‘Right-to-work’ debate centers around economic impact

Both sides have different numbers to back up their arguments.

Union members and supporters rally against right-to-work legislation Feb. 24, 2015, inside the state Capitol rotunda in Madison.

Union group estimates larger crowd for Saturday ‘right-to-work’ protest

Police estimate 2,000 people attended Capitol rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Preliminary plans for an exhibition center in downtown Appleton.

Appleton posts exhibition center Q&A document

The document, posted on the city’s website, includes questions posed before and during a public meeting Monday.

A crowd estimated at between 1,800 and 2,000 people rallies against proposed right-to-work legislation Feb. 25, 2015, outside the state Capitol in Madison.

Comparing Act 10 to right-to-work reaction

The crowds this week during right-to-work protests were smaller than some of the demonstrations before Act 10 was passed.